Playalinda Naturist Beach

Getting to Playalinda Beach - like Apollo Beach, Playalinda is located on the Canaveral National Seashore (CNS) but is on the South part of CNS. From I95 take Exit 220 towards Titusville on FL406/Garden St. It will soon become A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway as you cross the channel. View driving map from I-95 here.

About a mile after the bridge stay on the main road as it curves right and becomes FL402. Continue about eight miles as the road turns North, and you are just about there. Along this 5 mile North-bound road inside the park you will see parking areas numbered 1 through 13.

The Naturist area was historically only North of Parking Area 13. But unless you arrive early in the day, plan on Parking Area 13 to be completely full with cars waiting to park. Today, most sunny days year-around you will find Naturist sunbathers beginning to takie over the beaches at Parking Lot 12, 11 and even eventually 10.  

The official position of the Park Rangers who routinely patrol these clothing optional beach areas is that the Park Service cannot officially "designate" any area for nude sun bathing or otherwise. Technically that means that one can sunbathe sans suit anywhere on any of the beaches, but both textile and naturists sunbathers will be more comfortable not mixing the two sets of preferences.

Be aware
 that Brevard County still has an ordinance against being nude in public, but Playalinda, which is in Brevard County is on a Federal Park property. Park Rangers have confirmed that unless there is sexual activity going on, Park Rangers are not going to enforce county ordinances.

Playalinda Beach
is the more visited of the two beaches. Any sunny weekend may see more than several hundred tanned beach-goers enjoying the sand and surf without textile constrictions.

When you visit Playalinda Beach, PLEASE observe the following:

• Stay out of the dunes! You WILL get a ticket!
• Park only in designated parking areas or you will get a ticket
• Refrain from ALL lewd or sexual behavior. You WILL get arrested because WE WILL REPORT this illegal activity! Besides, there are families there.
• Be friendly to and respectful of the park rangers. They do come around and are very friendly.

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