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Let's go skinny dipping! Check It off your bucket list Today!

Canaveral National Seashore has two beautiful clothing optional beach areas in Central Florida. Central Florida Naturists Inc is a beach club encouraging the respectful use of these Naturist beaches for nude sun bathing and recreation while also promoting the protection and preservation of our natural resources through education.

We are a wholesome family-oriented organization welcoming singles, couples and families from all backgrounds, professions and skills, as well as diverse political, social, and religious affiliations.

Come visit our beaches. If you like what you see, then join us.

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Naturism: "a lifestyle in harmony with nature expressed through social nudity and characterized by self-respect of people with different opinions and of the environment" (XIV Congress of the International Naturism Federation, Agde, France 1974). Naturism, also sometimes called clothing-optional, skinny-dipping, nudism or clothes-free all refer to social gatherings in which Naturists can participate in non-sexual social activities wearing only our birthday suits.

Naturists are people just like you and me that have left behind the junior-high giggles and embarrassed blushing that once occurred at just the thought of someone being naked. We acknowledge that humans have been naked on this planet much longer than we have been embarrassed to be without clothes. Nakedness used to be common, normal and accepted.

Most importantly we Naturists recognize there is a difference between nudity and sex. Being naked does not mean we immediately engage in rampant sexual activity as much as pornographers and some Anti-Naturists would have us believe. We simply re-embrace the freedom and innocence of an uncloaked natural harmony with the sun and wind with others dressed only in our smiles.

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