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Follow us on Twitter at @CFNaturists. Tweet about your beach experiences to us at @CFNaturists.

Be a Beach Volunteer

We are asking that every CFN follower and supporteract as an volunteer CFN Beach Volunteer each time you visit our beaches. Volunteer by:

Plan to Lead Activities - bring beach toys and recreational gear to be used to engage with CFN friends and others on the beach. Mark them with "CFN" to draw subtle attention. Frisbees, horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, pickle ball and nerf footballs are popular. Set up equipment, invite others to join in and enjoy the day.

Engage with Naturists and Textiles Alike - bring clothed visitors into the activities; be prepared to be conversant and positive on Naturist topics. Actively discourage sexual or rude behavior if observed.

Report On Your Day - with our beach's history of persecution and bad press, potential visitors are still wary of the beaches and Naturism. Tweet your experience to @CFNaturists and encourage other followers to explore our beaches. Include photos when appropriate.

Befriend The Park Rangers - they are our friends and protectors and deserve our friendship and support.

Support and Help Our Beaches - look for and remedy unsafe conditions. Even help clean up if necessary

Represent CFN Positively - wear our baby blue wrist bands and help distribute them if you are a frequent visitor. Help deliver a positive and non-sexal sense of freedom. Be an infective Naturist beacon.

CFN Principles & Goals

CFN has established these as goals of our organization:

1. Accurate Beach and Naturism Information - help correct misonceptions and lies about Naturists

2. Naturist Lifestyle Guidance - Exemplify Naturist activies; discourage illegal (sexual) beach activities

3, Represent Naturism to Non-Naturists - help the nubes transition from a Textile mindset to a healthy Natuirst lifestyle

4. Public Service - support and befriend the Park Rangers - actively support our parks - even pick up trash

5. Help Put "Recreation" back into Nude Recreation - every time you visit one of our beaches bring recreational hardware; invite both Naturists and Textiles go join in

6. Remove The Walls - help demonstrate that healthy Naturist activities don't have to be locked up behind high walls and locked gates

7. Develop Friendships - actively seek out other followers and supporters; make new Naturist friends.

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